Our Philosophy.

GFE-customers profit from 60 years hands-on experience and an international network. The passion for the alloy wheel production is our focus. Production process efficiency and quality improvements are our daily challenge. Global contacts to wheel foundries and technology suppliers are opening you access to state-of-the art technologies, processes and materials.

  • History
    In the year 1954..

    Tradition - Presence

    In the year 1954 Georg Philippi founding a family enterprise, building up an iron foundry in Germany's county Westerwaldkreis.

    1980 second generation Heinz-Georg Philippi taking over management of the company. He converts the foundry to manufacturing of aluminium components for the engineering and automotive sectors.

    With the start of apprenticeship to Foundryman and Former in the year 1985 Jürgen Philippi, the grandson of the company founder, is coming into the family enterprise. After apprenticeship Jürgen Philippi is going his own way, gaining extensive experience in various wheel companies.

    1994 a traffic infrastructure project enforces the closure of the site in Montabaur. The enterprise is being restructured into a service and trading company. In the year 2007 Jürgen Philippi expands the business activities with the foundry consulting division.

    A New Chapter - Launching into the Future

    2012 turns out to be the most important year in company's history. Heinz-Georg Philippi goes into well-earned retirement, clearing the way for a restructuring.

    Jürgen Philippi founded the Global Foundry Engineering GmbH. After his course of study and over 25 years of professional experience, he can rely on his TEAM in-depth knowledge they have acquired in the foundry and application technology and supply in the global foundry sector.

  • CEO Jürgen Philippi
    Jürgen Philippi CEO

    Education :
    State Certified Industry Engineer - specialized Foundry
    State Certified Master Technical Economist

    Experience :
    CEO, General Management, Management of a Globally Operating Business Sector, Cooperate Governance

    Experience abroad :
    Worked International in Countries according to ISO-3166-1 (BIH,DE,EU, FR, ID,IN, IR,IT, MY, AT,PL, CH, TR and AE)

    Consulting-Focus : 
    Interims-Management on Top-Levels, Management of Corporate Restructuring Projects, Strategic Development, Change-Management Process, Re-Organizations, Start-ups,

    Summary :
    Foundry engineer with 30 years casting experience in aluminum LPDC wheel casting. He has work experience with every production step of low pressure die casting technique for aluminium alloy wheels, casting simulation, mould design and manufacturing, casting operation, process values and metallurgical tests, analysis of scrap reduction. Nobody in the wourld has seen so much wheel foundries like him.


  • Our Team
    GFE is composed of Master Foundrymen, Technicians, Engineers, Business People...

    GFE is composed of Master Foundrymen, Technicians, Engineers, Business People, qualified trainers and HR managers. This exceptional combination is key to team success. If cooperation at eye level with the persons in the organization is expected, a precise knowledge of the business is required and comprehensible solutions have to be developed. Not from the own office, but directly on site. Our consultancy services are offered worldwide and we are operating from Germany.

  • Our Philosophy
    Global Foundry Engineering – one of the globally leading partners to the alloy wheel production.

    Global Foundry Engineering

    The World is ... Complex. Volatile. Unpredictable.

    Regardless of industry, organizations are faced with continually increased expectations – from customers, clients, investors, policy makers, citizens, and a host of other stakeholders – for greater levels of performance. At the same time, there is intense, growing pressure to deliver performance with tighter budgets, greater responsiveness, and more transparency. Responding to these competing priorities may require an ongoing litany of technology, process, and infrastructure initiatives; however, the best organizations understand that

    quovolve-box_img    People are the most critical resource for building, supporting, and sustaining high performance.   quovolve-box_img2

    Increase Capability. Build Capacity. Demonstrate Results.

    Achieving your organization’s mission and vision starts with People and there are no magic bullets. Successfully leveraging people to build, support, and sustain high organizational performance is a constant journey, not a one-size-fits-all destination.

    For more than 60 years, GFE have consult numerous foundries around the world at all points in their performance journey – from a small aftermarket company until OEM groups T1 Suppliers. Our job to sustain high-performance to struggling businesses looking to find up to highest level more build high-performance resourses.